Most standard-weight hand pruners can be classified as either "bypass", "anvil" or "double-cutting." Lighter weight (though not necessarily lighter duty) tools frequently have scissor-like (needlenose) blades for more precise work where pruner cutting capacity isn't an issue.

Bypass pruners
Anvil pruners

Generally the most versatile pruner. A relatively thin, sharp cutting blade "bypasses" a heavier, thicker counter-blade. When well maintained, makes clean cuts in green wood without bruising or crushing the bark.

A good choice for cutting dead or very hard woods (less desirable on green wood and more prone to crushing or bruising). A thin, heat-treated steel blade cuts against a softer brass or aluminum anvil blade. Anvils are either straight (e.g. Felco 31) or curved (e.g. Castellari Ergonomic). A curved anvil usually requires less cutting effort.

Very popular with European fruit growers. Two sharpened blades meet precisely, effectively cutting the branch from both sides. Manufacturers claim this configuration makes a clean cut without a tendency to crush the branch (as both blades are cutting).

We also carry a number of lighter weight needlenose shears that are ideal for fruit and vegetable harvesting, wreath making and pruning house or greenhouse plants. OESCO sells such familiar brands as Felco, ARS, Bahco, Barnel, Corona, and Snap-Cut as well as some less-familiar brands like Pica, Castellari and STA-FOR. We stock replacement parts, where available, for every pruner that we sell—if you don't see replacment parts here for your pruner, give us a call!

Tajfun logging winches are now the no. 1 selling winch in the world! These PTO powered winches are built in a range of sizes to work with compact tractors or with larger 100+ HP tractors.

Most models can be had with either mechanical or hydrualic controls. Hydraulic models feature a self-contained hydrualic system and electric-over-hydraulic controls, so all you need is a 12V hookup to your tractor's electrical system. For the ultimate in flexibility, add a radio remote control to your hydraulic winch and control off-spooling or pulling from up to 300 feet away.

Standard Tajfun winch features include a chain saw holder, peavey/pickaroon holder, a fold down brush guard, high and low pulleys, tool boxes (EGV45 and up), a removable trailer hitch and 200 ft. of swaged cable (super-smooth, super-supple) w/ three sliders and hook.

OESCO is proud to be an importer of Tajfun winches. We have a close working relationhip with the manufacturer and we make every effort to have spare parts on the shelf when you call.

For more information on Tajfun winch models and specs, see our Tajfun page or give us a call at 800-634-5557.

OESCO carries a range of tools for pruning and trimming those hard-to-reach branches.

Heavy-duty dedicated saws: Choose from excellent tools from ARS, Barnel or Silky. This type of tool generally mates an aircraft-grade telescoping aluminum pole with a heavy cutlery-steel quality saw head, making it an excellent tool for taking down those larger branches. Both ARS and Barnel offer adapters for attaching universal pruning heads, giving you even more options. Silky's excellent Hayauchi pole saw can be fitted with the Sintung Lopper Head for rapid 1-1/2 in. cuts.

All-in-one package: Corona kits feature telescoping or fixed-length fiberglass poles mated to interchangeable pruner heads and saw heads (saw blade is mounted on the pruner head on the Corona TP-6870).

Small, rapid cuts: Orchardists often choose a lightweight fixed-length pruner like the Cutwell or the Allen Pole Pruner. These pruners feature a compact cutting head, a lightweight tubular shaft, and an enclosed rod mechanism that eliminates tangle-prone pull ropes and have a cutting capacity of just under 1 in. Easy to repair and maintain. (Shipping restrictions may apply, see product descriptions for details).

Extreme adaptability: Consider a Jameson package. Jameson offers three grades of fixed-length fiberglass poles or excellent "double-locking" telescopic poles, as well as a range of attachments for pruning and utility-line maintenance tasks. We also carry octagonal ash poles from Peavey, which work well with Jameson components, or with components from one of our other excellent suppliers—Marvin, Corona, Barnel, Bahco, Porter-Ferguson or Snap-Cut.

Top-quality long-handled tools from Corona, Seymour and WW Manufacturing

Seymour's Structron line of hand tools feature strong, lightweight fiberglass handles. Structron tools feature high-quality tool heads and are designed for daily use.

For wooden-handled tools, choose from Corona's line-up. You will find tools from professional quality to higher-end homeowner tools, all at a reasonable and competitive price.

For strength and durability, be sure to look at our all-steel tools from WW Manufacturing. No hand tool is indestructible but these American made tools come close. These tools are purchased by our most demanding customers and the word that we hear most often about them is that they are "awesome." In addition, WW Manufacturing makes some pretty unique and innovative tools, owing to their committment to making things that just work a little bit better.

Ventrac tractors are a product of 50 years of product development. These small, articulating tractors are a favorite with groundskeepers, landscapers, municipalities and universities, for their ruggedness, their maneuverability and their versatility.

Ventrac tractors are notable for their small size, their articulated steering and their all wheel drive—meaning they go a lot of places other machines cannot. Most attachments are front-mounted and belt-driven and can be easily put on or taken off of the machine without tools (Ventrac's "Minute Mount" system). There are attachments available for a wide variety of tasks—mowing, snow removal, material handling, sweeping, leaf removal, raking, aerating, tilling and trenching. There are even attachments for pumping water off of athletic fields, grinding stumps or generating power! Both 3000 and 4000 Series tractors feature available heated/defrosted cabs.

3000 Series
4000 series

Ventrac's 3000 series tractors feature a rear-engine design for maximum operator visibility as well as their S.D.L.A. hand control (Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary), allowing one-handed control of the machine. All-wheel drive is standard as is power-steering. Other features include:

  • Ultra-tight, 28 in. turning radius
  • Choice of 627cc, 21 HP air-cooled 2-cyl Vanguard gas engine or 850cc, 23.6 HP liquid-cooled 3-cyl Vanguard turbo-diesel
  • Ventrac Minute Mount system with over 18 available attachments

Ventrac's 4000 series tractors feature all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, a center oscillating frame and articulated steering, for the ultimate in climbing ability and maneuverability. Fitted with optional dual wheels, the 4226D and 4231TD are rated for up to 30 degrees continuous use on slopes. Standard features include power steering, roll bar, S.D.L.A. controls, comfort seat and a 7.25 gallon fuel tank. Other features include:

  • Tight 43 in. turning radius
  • Range of engine options includes both air- and liquid-cooled gasoline engines to a 31 HP 3-cyl liquid-cooled turbo-diesel Vanguard.
  • Ventrac Minute Mount system with over 30 commercial-grade attachments
Rear's Pak-Blast Rear's Pul-Blast Rear's Powerblast
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CALL US for options and pricing.

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The Pak Blast is Rear's most affordable air-blast sprayer. As with all Rear's sprayers, the Pak Blast features a stainless tank, fan housing and spray manifolds, mechanical agitation, and a choice of pumps. Spray functions are controlled from the tractor seat by remote handset: Manual, electric or hydraulic.

The Pak Blast is available in 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 gallon sizes. The 50 gallon is fitted with a 24" fan. The 75-200 gallon units can be fitted with either a 24" or 28" fan.

With its modest horsepower requirement, the Pak Blast works very well with today's compact tractors. The Pak Blast is suited to Christmas trees, grapes, high-bush blueberries and even high-density apple plantings (row spacings up to 15 ft. with a 28 in. fan).

  • Available with:
  • Orchard or row crop volutes
  • Vineyard air scoops
  • Round or Trellis style fan housings
CALL US for options and pricing.

The Pul-Blast is Rear's most versatile orchard sprayer. Tank sizes range from 100 to 500 gallon and are available in many tank styles. Fan sizes range from 24 in. to 36 in, with six or eight blades and variable pitch blades allowing you to match air volume to tractor HP and the spray job. In all, there are over 40 Pul-Blast models available making it suitable for spraying everything from berries and Christmas trees to sem-dwarf apple plantings (rows spacings up to 20 or 25 feet). Bolt on a row-crop volute and extend usage to vegetables and nursery plantings.

As with all Rear's orchard sprayers, the Pul-Blast features all-stainless tank construction and mechanical agitation. There is a choice of several A-R diaphragm pumps or Rear's own 80 GPM self-priming centrifugal pump. Order your Pul-Blast with manual, hydraulic or electric controls.

Finally, the Pul-Blast is available with Rear's excellent constant velocity (CV) hitch. The CV hitch has been engineered to bend your tractor's power around a corner without bending your tractor. The CV hitch makes it possible to turn tight turns under full power without damage to the driveline. Turns are smoother—PTO systems last longer.

  • Available with:
  • Orchard or row crop volutes
  • Grape Scoops
  • Dual-spray volute
  • Trellis housing
  • Hoop-house volute
  • Grape Wall volute
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The Powerblast is Rear's most powerful air-blast sprayer. Powerblasts come standard with stainless steel tanks, spray manifolds and fan-housings, mechanical agitation, a constant velocity hitch, a Rear's self-priming centrifugal pump, hydraulic or electric spray controls, a choice of 33 in. or 38 in. fans and double-rollover nozzle bodies with ceramic spray tips. Tank sizes range from 400 to 1000 gallons.

Powerblasts are available with a variety of air-delivery systems: Orchard or Row Crop volutes, vertical wall stacks with louvered air-vanes to adjust discharge angle and over-the-row volutes for vineyard spraying.

For those needing even more power, you can order an engine-drive Powerblast with a 115HP 4-cyl John Deere diesel engine.

  • Available with:
  • Standard orchard volute
  • Grape wall
  • Vertical wall stacks (various configurations)
  • Over-the-row tower systems
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OESCO sells and services flail mowers from Ferri, Rear's and Perfect.

Flail Mowers

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Ferri's offset Z-Series mowers are built for ditch and bank mowing, allowing mowing of embankments between +90 degrees and -50 degrees. The ZMT mowers are built for tractors in the 50 to 80 HP range, while the ZME mowers are designed for use with tractors in the 18 to 40 HP range.

Rear's flails are avaliable in a wide range of sizes and configurations. For grass and light brush the Rears SPF flail is a good choice, with available 30 in. to 100 in. cutting widths and fixed center-mount, fixed-offset or hydraulic pantograph offset. Several blade options are available on the SPF, depending on your application (finish cut, coarse grass and light brush cut, heavy mowing and brush shredding).

Approx. 5 HP - 7 HP per foot, required.

For heavy brush-chopping jobs, consider Rear's OMF-Series mowers. Standard features include a super-duty, low-profile double-walled housing, 2-3/4 lb. hard-faced hammers mounted on 3/4 in. Gr.9 bolts and a 24 in. hydraulic pantograph offset. Options include push/pull mounting and cutting widths from 4 ft. to 9 ft. Approx. 10 HP per foot required.

We also stock and service general purpose rotary mowers

OESCO is a dealer for Bush Hog brand rotary mowers, the industry-standard for general-purpose land maintenance. A wide variety of models is available from the entry-level Squealer models to the rugged 406 with it's 4 inch cutting capacity. Whether you are doing light mowing with a compact tractor or heavy-duty land clearing, there is a Bush Hog model to fit your needs.

CALL US for options and pricing.

Orchard and Vineyard Mowers

Highly-engineered rotary mowers designed for fruit production, from Fischer.

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The GL4 mowers feature two precision-sensing hydraulically-controlled swing-arms, a self-contained hydraulic system and height-adjustable rollers, making it an ideal mower for vineyards, tree plantations, nurseries and high-density orchard plantings. The GL4 is particularly suited to growers whose management program does not include the use of herbicide strips. The GL4 is available in a range of sizes.

The BV2 is a versatile mower for fruit plantings of all types -- tree fruit, grapes or berries. The BV2 features a continuously variable hydraulic width adjustment and hydraulic side shift. It is an ideal mower for variable width plantings where the management plan incorporates herbicide strips. The BV2 is availble in a range of sizes.

Fischer's SL Series mowers are ideal for mowing under low-hanging fruit. The swing arm is available with either mechanical or precision-sensing hydraulic control. The SL's 30 in. hydraulic offset is controlled via the tractor's hydraulics. Mowers with hydraulic precision-sensing use a self-contained hydraulic system for control swing-arm movement. The SL is an ideal mower for tree fruit or mowing under board fences. The SL is available with a wide range of sizes.

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Hand tools Long arm pruners Poles saws and pruners Shovels and landscape tools
Smart Net Mowers Rear's Sprayers Ventrac mowers

Smart Net Systems Crop Protection Netting

OESCO, Inc. is pleased to be the exclusive distributor in the Eastern and Central U.S. for Smart Net Systems Ltd., a manufacturer of premium netting for protection of blueberries, bramble berries, grapes, cherries, apples and other high-value fruit and vegetable crops.

smart net complete enclosure smart net side curtain smart net
Overhead Bird-Protection Netting is permanently installed on an infrastructure of high-tensile wire and posts. With this system, the crop is completely enclosed and protected allowing for crop maintenance and an extended harvest period. This makes it ideal for high-value, woody plantings such as blueberries, grapes or trellised apples. At season's end, the netting is pulled to the end of the field and covered with something like black plastic shrink-wrap to protect it from the elements. In the spring, the netting is unwrapped and pulled back into place. Overhead Netting is designed to be a completely custom system; as such it requires a consult and can not be configured or ordered online.
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Row Crop Insect Neeting is a combination hail, insect, Japanese beetle, Stink Bug, bird and grasshopper net. Netting material is similar to the Tree Bag Netting but is sized for covering row crops as well as grapes or berries. Netting may be deployed as floating row covers or it may be used over a hoop framework.

Tree Bags provide protection from hail, birds and some of the more destructive fruit-preying insects such as Japanese beetles and Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. The net completely encloses the tree and is tied at the trunk. Netting is removed at season's end. This type of net is most suited for cherries, peaches or semi-dwarf/dwarf apple trees.

Deer Netting is a heavy, knotted 2" mesh polyethylene netting. The netting exhibits substantial "give" allowing it to easily conform to uneven terrain. It can be bungeed to tree trunks in forested areas or attached to posts in open fields. A physical barrier is the most effective way of preventing deer from damaging high value plantings, particularly where pressure is high and other deterrents have proven ineffective.